Booking Information

Details below are for schools or settings wishing to host training

Training sessions currently start from £395 up to £850. The price range is dependent the type of training required, the distance, and the time allocated for travel.  The actual travel expenses are not included and accommodation costs are added when necessary. Please contact us with your specific request so that we can give you more accurate details.

Session Duration

Training sessions last for a minimum 2 hours and can extend to a whole day.  Feedback overwhelmingly shows that a half day or a full day training is the most effective. If you are contacting us about twilight sessions, remember to state your location because it will only be possible for us to deliver a twilight if the venue is within a reasonable distance for us to travel. We aim to link the training events on a regional basis.

Training and workshops cover the following and include handouts:

  1. Overview of Write Dance and the benefits
  2. Introduction to the themes/music
  3. Practical session ( gross motor movements )
  4. Practical sesson with crayons/ chalks
  5. How to set up a session
  6. Nursery Write Dance/ and or extension activities for older children.

Focused Trainings

We have specific trainings for Early Years Practitioners including child-minders and pre-school settings.  In addition, for those who have been introduced to ‘Write Dance’, there is training related to the  ‘More Write Dance’  book for developing extension and progression ideas.


A large space for the movement session, tables and chairs, access to a laptop with projector and screen.  If no computer is available then a music CD player is suitable.

If you have questions about any aspect of the programme or would like to enquire about booking a Write Dance training session – just contact us here.