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We hope you had a great Summer holiday.

The last 2 months has been a very busy time for as with lots of exciting opportunities to extend and develop the Write Dance training materials as well as our own professional expertise.

Diana has travelled to India on a study visit and presented her UK perspective on her work in teacher education and early years principles to head teachers and senior managers at a conference in Tamil Nadu in India.

Nicole has been writing and developing coaching materials to increase confidence and motivation with pupils.

In June we were able to work  with Ragnhild Oussseren the author of Write Dance  and discuss new projects. As a result of this have  spent time last month adapting  our materials and have created new training sessions.

Ragnhild Oussoren now has a link to our Write Dance training website here in the England. She is promoting our site to teachers and teacher educators who are overseas because many find it more convenientto train in England than in the Netherlands


New Training Sessions

Introduction to Write Dance

  • Provides an introduction to the themes and underlying principles in Write Dance and includes Preschool and Nursery themes as well as content from the Write Dance book. It is designed for practitioners who are new to Write Dance or for those who may have bought the materials and want support to get started and/or provide training for staff.

More Write Dance..

  • Designed for those who are already familiar with Write Dance and want to extend the activities. This training recaps on the main principles of write dance and focuses on content from the `More Write Dance ‘ book.

The content for these trainings are normally twilight or  half day though material can be combined for full day trainings and bespoke trainings. Please contact us using the enquiry form for more information.

Write Dance Train the Trainer.
We receive many requests from those of you who are interested in becoming a Write Dance trainer in the UK. We have discussed this with Ragnhild and we are keen to run a course like this next year. At present we do not have any dates..

Dates For Trainings

Currently we respond to requests from individual schools and organisations who host the training sessions for us. These sessions are frequently open to other teachers/practitioners in the locality.

We do  appreciate that many of you write to us as  individuals  who want to attend a training for yourself.  The good news is that we are planning to host regional  trainings for individual participants  from January 2013 more details to follow. We will of course update you via the newsletter.

Share your experience

We would love to hear from those of you already using write Dance. Send us your success stories and any challenges you may have so that we can respond and share them on the website. Please email

Wishing you all the best for the Autumn term

Best wishes

Diana and Nicole

Write Dance training


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