Write Dance (7)

How often should you do Write Dance with the children ?

Some physical movement on a daily basis is ideal though a full session is not always necessary. As often as you wish and as long as the children are enjoying it.  There is not a set amount of time – some schools use as it as part of PE or as a weekly part of the timetable with mark making materials, or 5 minute sessions in the classroom.

Is Write Dance training just for Early Years staff?

No, it can be for whole staff teams in keys stage 1 and 2 to underpin the whole school approach to handwriting.

Who is Write Dance for?

The published books are designed for children up to the age of 8 years though the theory is applicable to older children. Teachers can apply the principles and make the materials and the stimulus age appropriate.

How do we know that Write Dance improves handwriting?

There are case studies, testimonials and references from authors including:

  • Ouvry, M. (2003), ‘Exercising muscles and minds, London, National Children’s Bureau.
  • Call, N. (2010), The thinking child-brain based learning, London, Continuum.
  • Featherstone (2006) Foundations for Independence, Lutterworth, Featherstone Education

Are the materials and resources expensive?

No, the resources and materials are readily available in schools and settings.  Making resources is an important aspect such as purpose made chalk-boards for use both indoors and outside.

Why do the children use both hands when mark making?

It is recommended that children use both hands to develop their coordination, balance, confidence and develop their ability to cross the mid line. This is necessary experience to support the development of a dominant hand for writing.