Exciting News

Diana and I looking forward to visiting the author of  Write Dance Ragnhild Oussoren in the Netherlands in May. It is  while since we have been able to meet though we are in regular contact to keep updated with news. We plan to work with her to discuss trainings and future events. We would love to share your success stories with her and of course ask any questions you may have so do email them to us.

Training spaces in Yorkshire before Christmas

For those off you looking for training in the Yorkshire region there are spaces at 2 events before Christmas. Go to our events page for details.

A big thank you to all the enthusiastic practitioners at the training events so far  this  half term in Leeds, Loughborough and Worcester we have had great fun. Look out for pictures on our facebook page soon.

Can you teach pencil grip?

This is a question that is frequently asked during workshops and training events. In the Write Dance approach this thorny issue of how to teach the tripod grip for comfortable and efficient handwriting is not as tricky as you might imagine.
Firstly, observe closely and note down the type of grip the child is using. The most common is the hammer grip (whole fist/hand). This grip is overly tense and restricts a child’s dexterity, flexibility, fluency and speed as they try to form and join letters.
To make a change, remove the long, thin writing implements and replace these with very short, stubby mark-making tools. Possibilities include; stubby crayons (snap long crayons in half), stubby playground chalks, small sponge pads, small lumps of dried out clay that has been reconstituted in water. The clay leaves fantastic trails on table-tops, which then can be transferred to paper by making mono-prints.
Now observe again and watch to see how children adapt and use all their fingers to grip onto these tools so they can make marks. After repeated practise and plenty of time to consolidate this physical experience that strengthens fingers and develops dexterity, gradually reintroduce thinner and longer pens and pencils. Observe the children as they make the small and subtle shift from using all their fingers to the more efficient and comfortable tripod grip.


Last few places for Manchester region Training

We are really looking forward to our day training at the Madeleine Lindley Training centre in Oldham on Thursday. It promises to be a great day with lots of practical movement and mark making. We already have 21 booked though have had a couple of cancellations and so we are able to take more bookings if youa re quick!!

New Product!!

We are really excited that our nursery songs movement music and mark making E book is available now on the website. This new easy to use resource for Nursery and Pre school practitioners has familiar songs for movement and mark making. We  wanted to create a resource  for nursery and pre school  practitioners to have additional music/ materials to complement the Write Dance in the Early Years book. We hope you will enjoy using it and do let us have your feedback. Best wishes Nicole and Dianawrite-dance-nursery-songs-book-cd-product