Welcome to Write Dance Training

Write Dance is an exciting music and dance approach to develop the skills needed for writing. Write Dance Training is based in the UK and was set up by Diana Strauss and Nicole Barrons to provide Write Dance training for Local Authorities, early years settings, schools and individual participants who are interested in Write Dance. The author of the Write Dance Books, Ragnhild Oussoren, endorses and supports our training and works closely with us. .


Why have a Write Dance Training session or workshop?

  • Improve children’s handwriting across the school and learn new ways to motivate and encourage children with their writing
  • Inspire teams and members of staff by developing their confidence
  • Have hands-on experience and active learning, experiencing the music and movements as the children would do
  • Support children’s physical development such as balance and coordination for writing.
  • Great INSET for teams to work together in informal and fun way
  • Prioritise opportunities to plan and promote the development of writing in your setting

What is Write Dance?

Write Dance is an approach and a method that provides movement opportunities so children can develop the physical skills needed to develop their handwriting skills. The movement is driven by the music and the underlying principle is enjoyment to build confidence.

Find more details about Write Dance and how it came about here.

Who is Write Dance Training for?

  • All early years and foundation stage staff
  • Key stage 1 and 2 teachers and support staff
  • Special Needs staff and other professionals
  • Interested Students